Formuler Z7+ Some channels not loading

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  • Hi All..

    Proud owner of a z7+ (1 week!)

    Love the box - very nice UI, couple of small issues im sure your help will resolve.

    My IPTV was working fine for the week.. then this evening some channels dont load.

    Things I've tried..


    -SW Reset

    -Factory Reset

    -Router Reset

    -New Portal from provider

    -Download perfect player

    -Confirmed other users (guys i know, with Mag boxes) dont have same issues with portal

    What else could be wrong?

    EPG loads fine for all channels, even ones that dont play (Loading... sphere)



  • That worked - thanks you very much! :)

    Initially when i considered a VPN i ruled it out due to some channels not getting blocked..?

    Guess i don't know enough about it.

    Another question if i may..

    I'm noticing lip sync issues - audio slightly behind video.

    Is it a case of playing with both box and tv hdmi settitngs to try line them up?

    Thanks again..


  • Hi ffonseca:

    What is VPN. and how to use it. Since I do not know about VPN , please educate me. Thank you.:(