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  • Hi all,

    I just got this box and the software. Pretty happy so far. I have a problem though. One of my providers doesn't get me the portal, so I'm using M3U instead. Problem seems to be that EPG isn't loading.

    The epg format link is as follows: xmltv.php?username=insanzada&password=******* (with my password obviously).

    It loads fine on other apps, and I can open the link in the browser, although it takes time to open (I guess it signs in first).

    Is there a way to fix this? I can also save the file and open it internally but it won't be updated right?


  • The xmltv epg format you listed should work in mytvonline.

    Please recheck the link for errors in spelling. Especially the username/password and try again.

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    Duplicate support requests to the forums and helpdesk will be ignored.

  • How do I tell if the epg has loaded? I am using an m3u playlist and no epg data

    EPG= electronic program guide. You’ll know if your epg loaded if you have info such as what’s on tv, what’s coming up next, info about the show, a full schedule of what’s playing, etc

  • 100% doesn't work for me and I'm not using the beta. I tried making my own epg with iptv-epg and it isn't populating the epg on mol but it works perfectly in Kodi on the z7+. Xtream editor XML file populates the epg for mol and Kodi alike.

  • By beta, do you mean beta formuler software or firmware? so if you can load *****m3u and epg, should I try software and factory reset on formuler? I can't get *****or iptv-epg' epg data to populate mol but xtream codes xml files work, the url works in all other players I've downloaded on formuler box. I only have this issue on mol. And yes I've re entered the urls numerous times with a keyboard and copy pasta through air remote z, so no mis types. Are there any settings on mol that would affect this? Buffer seconds, hls loading etc.

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  • I have software reset, factory reset and re updated and still cannot get *****epg to load via m3u playlist slot in mol, same thing for an uncompressed xml file from *****. However, an uncompressed XML file from xtream editor works fine in mol. Pp, Kodi, smartiptv etc can all read and populate the epg for ***** via their p2.xml.gz file, mol cannot. Can anyone else with the current public stable software and firmware confirm this?

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