stb emulators , change mac address

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  • hi guys !

    I own a formuler z7+ and love it.

    I just found a reseller for the same iptv service i have now for cheaper.

    I wanted to change , but can't as it seems my mac address is locked to first seller even if sub is expired.

    I was wondering can we use apk or stb emu on these formuler boxes like perfect player etc.. ?

    Also it would be cool if formuler can change mac address like the buzztv xpl3000 boxes.

    Thanks !

  • is the original reseller not answering your emails / request to ‘unlock’ your MAC address?

    These boxes are android based so you can use any android app you want. As far as I know, no IPTV ‘app’ other than the built in one (MYTVONLINE) uses your actual MAC address to access your IPTV content. So for sure, give STbEMU a try or any other app: perfect player, IPTV Extreme, progtv, smarters, etc

    Note most/some of those apps require a username and password, ie you need a M3U type subscription and not a MAC type subscription.

    You could also just change your IPTV subscription to the M3U type and use that within MYTVONLINE

  • You could also just change your IPTV subscription to the M3U type and use that within MYTVONLINE

    now that was another idea i was looking at. Cause i love the mytvonline, reason for getting z7+

    you can only do that once on the formuler box right the rest are just portals ?

    what would i require to do that ?

  • You can only have one M3U subscription placed into MYTVONLINE right now, yes. The rest would need to be MAC type or others.

    To change from MAC to M3U, you need to send this request to your IPTV provider. Explain that your Mac is locked to an older reseller who isn’t responding blah blah, and tell them you’re forced to now go to M3U. Note: maybe they can actually help you and unlock that MAC address? Just a thought.

    I’ve switched between account types before, no issues.

    A few notes: currently, there are a few bugs/deficiencies with MYTVONLINE when comparing MAC to M3U. There’s no ‘catchup’ with M3U, the favourites list can be buggy with M3U, and epg data doesn’t always properly populate with M3U. The team is aware and the favourites list + epg issue hopefully will be fixed in a September. The catchup feature would be later (my guess)

  • Yes Stb Emu / all android apps fine.

    Can you not submit a ticket to the provider asking them to remove mac from there system?

    If service is on XC panel, can use xtream api login on portals on mytv also.