Multiple recording

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  • I'm sure this is been posted before

    Hope it gets added soon.

    Hope we can record multiple channels without actually watching the channel we are recording since makes no sense.

    If I wanted to watch the channel then I wouldn't need to record it.

    Love the box today, I just got it. ;)

  • Indeed,

    I have the same request : We need to watch another channel while we are recording another channel (we have to own 2 iptv subscription but it's our problem).

    Also, one question : If i schedule 2 recordings at the same time with MOL (on 2 EPG of 2 differents channels), will the formuler will record both channels or 1 only one out of 2 ? and if it is yes, which channel of the 2 ? thanks.

  • same question here, when they makes it possible to record something and at the same time watch the other channel, other tv boxes already have this option

    please dev or adm

  • Totally agree, most iptv providers give 1, 3 and 5 simultaneous connections these days, and there's at least 2 apps available with the capabilities to record a programme on 1 channel, while you watch another programme on a different channel at the same time.

  • SAM

    Closed the thread.