Unable to bring box out of standby

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  • I know this has been mentioned before but it still hasn’t been resolved.

    My S Mini box regularly refuses to come from standby.

    The only way to get it started is to disconnect the mains and then it reboots.

    A new thing happened this morning where the above process would work, the. I’d would restart to the main menu page. But would immediately switch to a black screen after 2 seconds and would not do anything further.

    Only solution was a full factory reset.

    The S Mini is without doubt the poor unloved relation of the Z7+ this forum receives almost zero interest and certainly lacks any community spirit.

  • 1 week and not a single reply !

    The lack of support for this box is worthless.

    I am thankfully techsavvy and able to resolve the many issues I’ve had.

    BUT as you can see I am probably the only person that visits this forum.

    The Z7+ appears to get more support but possibly has more problems... who knows. !?

    I am continually factory resetting this box.

    The app MYTV Online app is really good. But the hardware is still troublesome.

    With no apparent support isn’t he way of regular updates.

    It’s almost as if there’s one developer behind the company and that’s why updates are so slow I’m appearing.

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