Recording only 1h even though having 1TB external USB

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  • Hi!

    So when I want to record and press the red recording button the time that shows the recording time is limited to 1hour?? So I tried with a 32GB USB and nothing changed, and then I got a External USB Harddrive from Toshiba with 1TB. Still the same problem. My playlist is empty and the harddrive too. Please can you help me!!:(

  • Hi!

    When you press the record button without any EPG active, or with a program already started, you get the default 1 hour record time.

    Press again the record button and change the end time as desired.


  • Hi,

    When i click again on the button REC, the logo REC disappears. I don't have a window to adjust the hours.


    It's not when i record a program i'm seeing at he moment but when i program a record later in the day.

    Another question: the playlist shows the records already made but can i see the records i've programmed (i.e not already done)?


    Z8 (Mac adress)

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  • You the window to extend a recording is only available when a recording is actively occurring, I believe.

    As for seeing what programs you’ve made in advance, I don’t think there’s a specific window for that.

  • I guess you're right.

    But i still don't explain the recording of only 1 hour when there is an EPG on a NTFS usb key.

    For a show that’s on now or in future? For future, I believe this functionality is planned for a further software release.

  • A show planned in future.

    It's weird, i recorded 2 programs yesterday and one perfectly worked (1h39 mn) and not the other (stopped at 1h).

    Z8 (Mac adress)

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  • For the issue of extending time for a recording in the future, that feature does not (yet) exist. As for a recording failing to go the full time, there are a ton of reasons why this could happen, mainly due to the stream itself. And btw, recordings stopping early is a common occurrence. Don’t rely on recordings to work 100% of the time