EPG Loading since firmware update

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  • Hello forgive me for bringing up the issue with the EPG if this has been addressed. I can see a lot of people are having issues with EPG not showing properly.

    I have tried other IPTV boxes and I used to have problems with them too, and often the issue comes from the iptv provider themselves.

    In any case, it is good Formuler are aware of the issues and are slowly fixing it with firmware update. I have installed the latest update yesterday, and noticed when I first connect to a portal a "EPG Loading" sign with an arrow on the top right of the screen. It stays on for a while, but comes off when I change channels or bring up the EPG. Am I supposed to stay on the channel (ie: not touch the remote control) until the EPG loading sign comes off in order to ensure the full guide and loading or can I start channel surfing?

    Lastly, I am currently using/testing 5 different portals/servers (the maximum allowed by MTVonline), and wondering if this can slow down the receiver (ie: channels, logos, EPG loading partially or more slow).