EPG Loading ... message "stuck"

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  • Hi!

    On a FormulerZ7+, since upgrading to the latest firmware:

    - When using a MAC portal, now the message "EPG Loading" appears on the screen, and never disappears;

    - With the earlier firmware, this message never appeared, and the EPG was loaded slowly, but worked;

    - If using the M3U portal of the same provider, the "EPG Loading ..." message appears, and disappears after the EPG is loaded;

    On a Formuler S MIni, using the latest firmware:

    - When using the same MAC portal, the message "EPG Loading" DO NOT appear on the screen, and the EPG works;

    While this is addressed may i ask if i can temporarily "downgrade" the latest firmware or MyTVOnline version ?

    Perhaps using a USB Stick ? But where are the files ?