Formuler S mini entering standby after connecting power and successfully booting

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  • Hi!

    When i connect the power cable to my S mini, it boots up, and then the red standby led goes on.

    After this it works normally, obeying the commands to turn on / off.

    I read a post talking about "enter stanby" but this was for the Formuler 7+.

    Also at that post the reset file is named Formuler_S-Series_Factory Reset.

    I have 2 doubts:

    1 - Shoud i reset my S-Mini using this file, that seems to work also for the Formuler 7+ ?

    2 - My Formuler 7+ already got the latest Hotfix. For other reasons i Factory Reset it using the menus. Should i reset it again uploading this file ?



  • SAM

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