While watching tv, it often looks like someone changes channel (i reloads, banner appears en channel starts back few seconds rewinded)

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  • HI all,

    i don't know if someone has the same issue,

    but when i am watching tv, it often look like if someon touched the remote and zapped to the channel.

    Banner appeard again, and the channels starts buffering en starts a few seconds back.

    it happens really often, and hope someone can tell me if its the Z7+? and how to fix it?


  • Does it zap to another channel?

    It can be a lot of issues from your side or your provider. It can also probably be a disconnect to the server.

    There are a lot of bad providers out there, if it happens quite often I would suggest that you try another provider.

    I don't think it has anything to do with the box.

  • Then your provider has backup streams in his portal, if the first stream is not working well, in his panel the second stream url takes stream one over. If stream 2 is 10 second more delayed as stream 1 i looks likes your stream is looping.

    But its not, it switching between 1,2,3 maybe 4 backup streams in your providers panel

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