Fast channel zapping getting anyone else banned temporarily?

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  • so I have noticed that my API portals, I get temporary bans when I’m changing channels and I got in support for one service today and asked if the portal was having problems and they immediately asked me if I have Formuler! They said that this is a common problem and they have no idea what causes it but that it happens when changing channels quickly.

    I changed my buffer from 10s to .5s and it seems to have stopped.

    Is the application still keeping the connection open to fill the buffer in the background?

    This happens on 3 of my 5 services - 3 of my 4 API login portals - my MAC portal provider doesn’t seem to be affected by this. The other API login has two connections allowed so that may be why it doesn’t happen.

    Anyone else has noticed this behavior? When it happens, you will get loading on all channels and then when you try to connect to the portal it says it can’t connect. It goes away after a few minutes.

  • So an update here - I got banned again from one of the services so I switched to using the m3u playlist - I fast zapped through about 20 channels with no ban.

    Guess you can’t use Xtream Codes API login with this particular provider. Wish we had more than 1 M3U line but this one is pretty much my primary anyway so I guess it’s fine.

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