Adding external HD and using Formuler Z7+ as media center

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  • Hi there, I've been searching for a box for IPTV and came to the conclusion that the Formuler Z7+ is the best choice for my needs.

    But as I'm a newbie on this type of subject, I have some questions about it.

    Can I add an external HD where I store all my movies and watch them, lets say, through Kodi? And this way have 4K image and Dolby Atmos and DTS X sound?

    My idea is to connect the box through HDMI cable to my Denon receiver and the receiver to the TV.

    Also, if this Formuler is not the right one for all I want, wich Formuler box is it?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  • When i read all written, then i would say the best choice for you and your Denon is HTPC with Kodi, Libreelec or Openelec on it. NUC Box would be the right shot. But... it`s 3- 4x times expensive r then z7+.. If you want perfect Audio passtrough and Atmos Audio without compromises then is HTPC the right choice.

    With Z7+ and Kodi (for now) you can get with installed external codecs DD+ and DTS but ATMOS and other higher Codecs will not work. Kodi App is not complete compatible with the box like directly supported boxes like NUC from Kodi Teams.

    For all other stuff like 4K video playback have Z7+ enough power and works nice with external HDD and files on it.

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