Connection setup by NFS ?

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  • I can not configure the connection by NFS -"NEW" - "Server/Directory. (haneWIN NFS Server for Windows)

    Media player DUNE HD settings give an excellent result, but in the FORMULER I can not configure ..

    Can someone suggest, give an example of the settings?

    IP address : --- right ?

    Server Folder: ?

  • I have such data (IP-addresses of all devices in the local network are fixed in the configuration of the router):

    IP Address:

    Computer Name: Z97M-PLUS-PC

    Shared folder: Media

    In the NFC connection setup (in Formuler) in the "Directory" I registered Media and Z97M-PLUS-PC / Media - as in the photo.

    And prescribed the same connection in the "LAN"; \\ Z97M-PLUS-PC \ MEDIA

    Result: "network error ..."

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