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  • Hello,

    On my Z7+, when I go into the EPG the current hour line has NO INFORMATION in most of the Channels. I can only get the information to load either when I select a channel or move to the next upcoming show then and only then the EPG fully loads for that chanel only.

    Also sometimes when I try to select any chanel the channels do not load. I can only resolve this by force closing the MyTVOnline App and restarting the app.

    Please assist with these problems, what should I do to fix?

    Kind regards,

    Omkar Balgobin

  • I’ve got the epg issue on my box. Although there’s been huge gains in EPG performance over last 6 months, I still only get about 40-70% of my channels having their epg info loaded automatically, and then the remainder only show up if I click on the actual channel.

  • This really sucks, because I have another brand box that uses the same IPTV service both and MAC Subscriptions however, the other box works fine the EPG loads good and quick.

    So its definitely a Dremlink z7+ related issue and not a IPTV Service issue.


  • SAM

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