poor wifi speed

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  • hi

    i have had a foruler z7+ since feb. the wifi is so poor on it ive always had to use a cable instead .

    now to some changes with room i could really do with using the wifi.

    every other device next to it [phone tablet laptop etc] shows 45mbps , except the z7+ which averages about 4mbps !? :cursing:

    my wifi is built into my box. no external antenna or anything

    is there anything i can do , ive tried every scenario i can think of but nothing makes it faster via wifi

    it is running latest updates when told to install.

    have i got a faulty box? if so id like to swap/return to base:cursing:

    cheers rob

    ps tried plugging a belkin n300 in the usb's but nothing happened , didnt light up when i plug n play.

  • thnaks. when i do that i lost ability to save

    wireless networks, right click, advanced, change dhcp to static, "save" un-highlights.

    i guess its "port" field says "none", all other fields are auto filled in.

    any suggestions ? thx