Connection lost after TV input changes

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  • Hey guys, I’m trying to help a friend out with an issue.

    He’s got his formuler box hooked up to router via Ethernet cable. Formuler box is wired to TV via HDMI, and cable box is also wired to TV via HDMI. When my friend switches from CABLE input to FORMULER input, and then clicks MYTVONLINE he always gets a ‘Connection Issue. Please check your internet connection and portal URL’. This happens every time he switches from Cable input to Formuler input. To remedy the issue, he goes into Ethernet settings and clicks on ‘Automatic (DHCP)’ again and allows the connection to reconnect essentially. Then he can watch IPTV again.

    He says this issue occurs whether he’s wired directly to Ethernet port OR to the USB via an USB to Ethernet adapter (the adapter he uses has been verified to work with formuler box, it’s same one I use and recommend on the forums)

    Any tips?

  • Power saving activated on router? Deactivate at least for port connected with Formuler and try again.

  • Is changing of the TV Input the actual cause of the issue?

    In other words, is the problem reproduced 100% when switching back and forth from the Cable box HDMI input to the Formuler box HDMI input?

    What happens when you perform the following test:

    1. Set TV Input to Formuler and verify ethernet connectivity
    2. Switch TV input to cable box and wait 10 seconds
    3. Switch TV input to Formuler and check Ethernet connectivity

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