Recording a channel while watching another

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  • It seem not possible to watch a channel and record a program on another channel (via EPG) on the background. When the recording starts, the recorded channel is automatically selected and is fixed until the recording is either stopped or finished. This is quite annoying as you are forced to watch the program you are recording. Why isn't it possible?

  • OK, thanks.

    On the other hand, it is clearly blocked by the Formuler software itself.

    If my IPTV provider allows more than 1 stream connection on my account the background recording is still block by Formuler which I find quite annoying.

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  • Hey guys, found this thread and just joined.

    It is confirmed that it's defenitley not not possible to watch a channel and record a program on another channel?

    Have have multiple max connections from my subscriber and looking to do this with my new box. Can anybody confirm?

  • Keep in mind that lots of IPTV provider not allow more then 1 stream connection per account. Otherwise you will be banned.

    That`s the point why MOL doesn`t support this yet.

  • That`s the point why MOL doesn`t support this yet.

    but surly you cant be reasonable for people who dont buy more then one stream and dont realise that there will get banned for using to streams by recording and watching an other one

    It like your thinking that you have to be reasonable for people just in case the buy one stream just in case there get banned when really its has nothing to do with you

    most providers sell more the more stream now so this could be a great selling point for your boxes

    And i like many would like to see this support please

  • I understand what you mean and honestly i would also like to see this feature but the decision depends from devs.. I think we will get this option some day in future updates, but this must be also implemented well to exclude bans from single line user. Please keep in mind there are very much not so experienced users out there.

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