formulate Z7 +, MYTVONLINE recording programmed via EPG

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  • now it's been 2 weeks since I try to record programs via EPG "scheduled recording"
    formulate Z7 + and mytvonline

    I manage to record 20 / 30min and it cuts itself

    - I tried with

    - 3 different suppliers (my abo and 2 test versions)

    - many different channels and different days and hours

    - I did a factory reset twice and empty the mytvonline cache, it works for 2 days, then everything starts again.

    - resolution set to 1080pp, memory formatted between 466mo and 0.9me on 1.9 GB

    I look on the forum formulated in English and apparently I am not alone in this case. but I have not found a solution

    I even tried to record live over a period of 5 hours, but it was cut off after 1 hour.

    can someone register via the EPG registration program?

    thank you for your return

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  • English please so we all can read it....