M3U+XMLTV EPG Title Matching Bug

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  • I have M3U's that have channel entries that look like this...

    #EXTINF:-1 tvg-name="9.1 WCPODT" tvg-id="I9.1.20288.zap2it.com" tvg-logo="http://zap2it.tmsimg.com/h3/NowShowing/20288/s28708_h3_aa.png" group-title="Local",ABC (WCPO-HD)

    And then I have XML's that have channel entries that look like this...

    <channel id="I9.1.20288.zap2it.com">
    <display-name>9.1 WCPODT</display-name>
    <icon src="https://zap2it.tmsimg.com/h3/NowShowing/20288/s28708_h3_aa.png" />

    Note that the value of `tvg-name` in the M3U (e.g. "9.1 WCPODT") matches a valid `display-name` node in the XML, whereas the standard M3U item title (e.g. "ABC (WCPO-HD)") does not. It would seem that the correct functionality of the EPG parser would first look at the `tvg-name` attribute before looking at the M3U item title, but from my tests, it seems that MyTVOnline is not even looking for the `tvg-name` attribute at all. Can this logic get fixed?

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