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  • Hi,

    I just bought a Formuler Z7+. After all updates (firmware, MYTVOnline) I tried to use german Magenta TV. The app is not useable and with MYTVOnlie I did not mange to find the needed portal url. When I search for Magenta TV in forum I don't find any help, so I try to use this way. Is anyone out there who uses Magenta TV with Formuler Z7+

    Any help is highly appreciated :)



  • Quote

    Magenta TV für alle – auch ohne Telekom-Anschluss

    Entertain war die Kombination aus Media Receiver, Telekom-Vertrag und TV-Gerät. Magenta TV will einen größeren Zuschauerkreis erreichen und wendet sich auch an jene Interessenten, die keinen Internetanschluss bei der Telekom haben. Das bringt aber auch Einschränkungen mit sich. Wer keinen Media Receiver der Telekom nutzt, muss auf eine App zurückgreifen, die es derzeit nur für Android-Smartphones und -Tablets gibt. Außerdem könnt ihr das Angebot im Browser am Computer streamen. Um Magenta TV wirklich im TV zu sehen, müsst ihr Google Chromecast nutzen.

    I think also this app check if extern display is connected and refuse to work. Install and try with web-browser.

  • Hi all,

    meanwhile I canceled the contract because the app is not useable on Android boxes. Magenta TV is only possible on PC, Tablet or Telekom Settop Boxes. I got info from their support that they are working on Chromecats and Firetv apps.

    In the moment I think the Z7+ makes no sense for german people who want to switch from DVB-T or DVB-S to IPTV. All german providers only support their own boxes :-(

    Thanks for your ideas an support


  • Hi Mevi,

    I see only few provider who are legal. But your suggestions are highly apprechiated. Magenta, 1&1 or Vodafone only support their own boxes. Wiapu and Zattoo are not useable on forlmuer...



  • SAM

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