Single Channel EPG not Loading

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  • Hello everyone 😊

    I am a new MyTVOnline and Formuler user. I have just purchased yesterday a Formuler z7+ and so far I am very happy with it.

    I am not sure if I am missing some kind of configuration or if it is just a bug, but my single channel EPG menu doesn't pop up. It just keeps in a "Loading loop".

    My IPTV provider supports EPG, as I am able to acess all the content via the normal EPG button on the remote.

    It is a m3u8 service (not MAC).

    I have just configured the portal in the settings also.

    Anyone has any idea what could be the problem here or recommend anything I can do?



  • Single Channel EPG is not available in m3u nor xtcodes API portals.

    Only available in MAC portal right now.

    This could be a feature that will appear in a future release of MYTVOnline

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