Z7+ periodic wifi reconnections

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  • Hi guys,

    I've noticed my recently bought Z7+ periodically drops wifi connection to the router (router logs say this happens every 5 min.) and then reconnects immediately. This doesn't essentially affect the iptv watching (very rare or no freezes at all), I think because the stream is buffered and the re-connection is very quick. I understand, than watching tv via wifi is not very good idea, but anyway this is damn annoying. None of my other devices behave this way (I have a plenty of them connected constantly to the router: phones, tablets, printer). The wifi signal strength to the box is excellent (router also shows -45-50 dBm).

    Is there anything I can do with it? Or I should forget about wifi an go with wired connection?

  • I should make a correction: disconnects are only logged if the box is in sleep mode. Setting "Keep wifi on during sleep" to "Never" in Android settings has no effect. No so much a problem, besides spoiling the router log, but nevertheless I think developers have to do something about it.

    Mevi, no, I haven't tried static ip. Will try that as soon as I get back to my box. And yes, wired connection is way better. With it I get almost full 100 Mbps, no lags, reconnections and buffering.

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