App is stuck in middle of download

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  • How do you force quit an app if it hangs during download? This just happened on my new Z7+, I tried to download the app in the Market, it has been stuck at about 50% for a few days now. Doesn't respond to red or on-screen cancel buttons. All other updates are queued until I clear this jam. Has anyone encountered this or any ideas? Thanks.

    SW version 1.2.49

    SW Revision r16381

  • Cut the network Lan or Wifi, power off and on again. If App is showing as installed, de install first and then activate your network again.

  • Thanks Sam, I tried but problem is still there. The hung app does not show up as installed. Any other thoughts? Should I perform a software or factory reset? I googled but couldn't find out what each reset does. As a side note, I noticed Kodi is no longer installed on the box. I didn't uninstall it. Pretty sure both issues happened at the same time.

  • Couple more things to try:

    • Check available storage space in your device
    • Clear app data from Market
      • Android Settings > Apps > Market > Storage > clear data
    • If nothing else works, try doing a factory reset

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