Formuler S Turbo - trouble with free sat EPG

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  • Hi there,

    I have a Formuler S Turbo that Santa has got me for Christmas, v excited :)

    Picture is great and after updating the software the menu is clear and easy to use.

    I primarily want to use the Freesat to watch and record programs, however my gripe is the EPG.

    If I select the 'DVB EGP' update, I only get 24 hours of program information.

    If I select 'XML EPG' update, I don't get any program information at all.

    For the 'XML EPG' option, I have found the '' url provided by default does not exist, and the replacement (after some searching) is mainly for German channels and still doesn't display any program information.

    I have also tried alternative XML EPG which I can configure with the correct channels. I put this on my local NAS driver acting as a web server. And the Formuler S downloads the XML and seems to parse it, but there is still no EPG data shown.

    The DVB EPG update seems to be a firmware issue. If it has not been raised, how can I go about raising such an issue?

    I would very happy to use the XMLTV option as it seems you can have this option automatically update, but I suspect the fields that are being supplied are not what the Formuler S is expecting.

    I can't find any information about what the XML field labels should be. So if someone could provide documentation or even a sample set of XML files that would be very useful.

    Any help you can provide would be greatly received.

    Current firmware version v1.6.30

    Current IPTV v1.9.58



  • Hi Sam,

    Thanks for your response the other week.

    I was just seeing if you had heard anything from Forumler re trying to get the EPG up and running?

    I was also curious to know if you had any experience with the Formuler S turbo?



  • Sorry for delay but until now no feedback in this case. I will again knock on the door.

    I was also curious to know if you had any experience with the Formuler S turbo?

    Please post your question i will try to help if i can.

  • Hi Sam,

    Thanks for trying Formuler again.

    I was curious to know if you have ever used the Formuler S Turbo, and managed to get the EPG working with the satellite input?



  • Forwarded first request to Formuler, they will check this issue but like always need some time.

    About S Turbo, yes i have S Turbo (used 19.2 Astra) and he loaded epg, not very fast but it load. In moment no dish, so not possible for me to test Sat.

  • Hi Sam,

    I was using Astra 28.2E

    As I have nothing to loose, I've factory reset my box.

    Re-scanned using Astra 19.2E, see pic 1.

    Found over 400 channels, so I deleted all but 20, just to hopefully get the EPG to work,.

    Went to the main TV and pressed the EPG button, thought I had nailed it, see pic 2

    However when I scrolled across the time a bit to see what was coming up next, I found there were no more program info, see pic 3.

    I checked the EPG option and it is set to DVB, see pic 4

    Then clicked the yellow button for express epg, and selected OPENTVEPG. see pic 5.

    It's at this point I get a no satellite message, see pic 6.

    Just thought I would include the steps, in case I've not done it right.



  • Hi Simon,

    i forwarded this thread but they answered to me, that this will take time. The problem is they can`t get the 19.2 and 28.2E signal in Korea, other half of earth and need first someone in UK to collect needed data. Transponder data are very big- 5 min. sometimes 2-3Gb. Sorry i don`t have better news for now. I will get back to you when i get some more info.

  • Hi Sam,

    I am a developer, I use C, C#, Java, and other languages.

    Is there anything I can do to help.

    If there this an app needed to capture the satellite data, I could run it on my box. Upload it to an FTP site?

    If they need someone to go through the EPG source code, I could give it a go.

    It is their IP, I can sign a NDA if required.

    And I won't have the tool chain to create any platforms, so the code itself would be useless to me and anyone else.

    However I might be able to work out what format the EPG needs.

    Happy to help.


  • Thank you Simon for your offer, maybe i get back to you again. S Turbo don`t need any extra app, transponder data recording is already included, you need only change one setting. Let us await and give devs. time to catch breath (never ending work) and see what they need exactly after reading the forwarded text. Il come back to you for sure ;)