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  • Sorry, but I do not understand this or the DNS settings that are recommended here as cures for buffering.

    Once an IP address is assigned, it remains with the device for hours at least, up to weeks, depending on the lease settings. There is nothing that happens with DHCP vs static that would cause a stream to buffer. Unless the lease settings are set to very short lease times or there is a bug in the IP settings that causes frequent lease renewals, it is simply not possible for this to be the cause of a buffering problem.

    Same for the DNS settings. They are set on lease renewal or in the static settings and as long as the DNS address is valid, there is no way changing your DNS server IP would alleviate a buffering issue. Name lookups just do not happen often enough to cause these problems.

    Both seem to me to be just grasping at straws and not real fixes. Rather surprised that this is still a thing here, IT professionals should know better. Can't imagine why this has not been debunked a long time ago.

  • Tiukgirl,

    As getsoutalive, explained, someone made this up that changing to static IP is the cure for buffering.

    Those wo state that have solved buffering problems by changing to static IP it is just pure coincidence. The problem for buffering is on the side of IPTV Provider and must important on the side of the Internet Service Provider.

    I have one Formuler Z7+, and In addition to the MyTVOnline Application, there is nothing special on Formuler Box. You can buy more cheap one and get the same result or better.


    I have static IP and I have buffering all the time.

  • SAM

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