Recording in same time listening other channel

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  • hi guys ! Im a new with tvip and this is awesome. But i have some point who need to be work i think ! Ist possible to listen other channels in same time i record other one ? The resaon i want recorded my serieist cuz they play in same time at tv .. ans i cannot listen my fav serie and recorded the other .. can u help me ? Can i download or change firmware or can u make a update for this ? Thx for helping me !!

  • Not currently possible with MYTVONLINE. My opinion is it's not necessarily a good idea to have it, because if you implemented such a function you would risk being banned my your provider who don't support multiple connections/streams. Not every provider supports multiple connections.

  • I want to know if z7+ can do dual stream . I know i cant have 2 stream dev dont allow that right now but my box z7+ can handle doubke stream for recording if i found a provider who allo dual stream???

  • see my first sentence above, not currently possible with the built in IPTV app (MYTVONLINE). You can download other IPTV apps as you desire and some of them may support recording + watching another channel

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