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  • Hello everyone,

    I have received and tested the new Formuler Z8 with MTO2.

    I have encountered already the following possible bugs:

    1) Each channel used to show about 4 or 5 EPG information on Formuler Z7+, now it's only showing 2 EPG information. Is this supposed to be like this?

    2) When accesing the EPG menu, we're able to watch certain catchup channels. When opening any of them, we're not able to move forward/backwords in time. Instead of TV catchup, if we watch any movie or TV series, this issue is not seen. Any idea when this will be fixed?



  • Are you running MAC or M3U ?

    What exactly do you mean in question #1? Do you mean when you're in full EPG view and if you scroll to the right, only 2 timeslots worth of info show up? I.e. the full epg is not being loaded?

    More details the better !

  • how do I become a formula tester?

  • SAM

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