Fimware 2.8.57 issue on Z nano (no internet)

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  • Hi,

    After updating my Z nano to beta firmware 2.8.57 (r17659) I can no longer connect my stb to internet. I tried both eth cable and wifi without luck.

    Is there any way to revert firmware or should I wait for a fix? Can I install the fix without being able to connect my stb to internet?


  • Sorry but you are the first one with this message. Could you please power off your box and router for at least 5Min. then restart first the router until it`s up then power on the z nano? Please try and give feedback.

  • Just tried, still does not work. I tried both dhcp and static ip on eth and wifi.

    Maybe it is related to dns change on this version (i remember about it on changelog).

    I am worried that if a fix is release I will not be able to update because I can’t get internet work on stb.

  • ipv4 and ipv6 are dependent from your contract with your isp. Did you changed something in your contract with isp in last time and they switched from ipv4 to ipv6 or do you have both but main ipv4? I ask you only because my nano works great with ipv4.

  • I figured out the problem. I block google dns on my router, and it seems the stb is only usign this dns, no matter what I configure. Are you aware of static dns in this firmware version?

  • What are the first 6 characters of the Part Number (PN) of your device?

    The PN can be found on the label on the bottom of your device.

    I have tested the DNS on Z Nano and the DNS is not static.

    Test Method:

    In the router's firewall rules, block Google DNS:

    • block outgoing ip and
      • on destination port 53
      • protocol UDP

    In the Z Nano:

    • Set Manual Ethernet connection
    • Enter Manual DNS and

    DNS Queries are successfully sent and received.

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