Record from epg Z8

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  • I have just got the new Z8, and to start with everything looked good, epg loaded quick, new gui looks slick.
    Heres my issue, and why the box is going back monday,
    On my Z7+ i was able to record from epg, including future items on the epg, the reason i choose the Z7+ was for this feature.
    This feature is not available on the Z8, WHY ?
    I could also record one stream while watching another with my multiroom sub.
    This feature is not available on the Z8, WHY ?

  • First off, you're saying you could record one channel and watch another channel at the sametime on your Z7+ using MYTVONLINE? if so, that's the first I've ever heard of that! What do you mean 'multiROOM sub?

    Recording when and where you can record, yes the Z8 has reduced functionality in this regard and this point but I have to believe that this will get rectified shortly. I also am not a fan of this limitation. But I can almost guarantee you it'll be fixed sooner than later. The formuler guys are already working on the next update. I've had the Z8 for about 3-4 weeks and I've had 3 software updates in that time so the formuler guys are working a lot to fix bugs and bring features up to par with Z7+

  • When I read my post I can see it was misleading. let me explain my set up.
    i set all the programs I want to record via the epg in Mytvonline.
    I then switch to another app to watch live. When a scheduled recording starts I can continue to watch live via the other app, and the Mytvonline records in the background. ( i have 2 connections = multi-room).
    With the Z8 when I switch apps the Z8 does not record the scheduled programs.
    With respect, you say bring the Z8 up to the level of the Z7+, I feel that for the high cost of the Z8 these issues should of been addressed before release. At this time I feel the box is not ready for me to recommend to my clients, as it is still in Beta stage.

  • Hi

    I can not record on Z8 can someone post how to setup and record even one channel when I start recording it records (I am using USB HDD) no record found


  • Buy USB key, format it to ntfs, plug into z8, restart z8, go to MYTVONLINE and watch a channel, press record button, and then press 'playlist' button to find recordings (or press menu from MYTVONLINE and go to recordings)

  • Hi All. So, have we determined all record functionality in the Formuler Z8 is missing except recording the channel one is watching? I recently bought a Z8 and that was the case, although the company that sold it to me said they could record programs in the future via the EPG. Thanks in advance.

  • Thanks for the information seanns32. Also, I just received a reply back from Formuler support a moment ago - "Scheduled recording on Z8 is a known feature that we are currently working on for the update. We apologize for your inconvenience and will provide this feature asap".