Kodi 18 and Netflix addon

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  • Strangest thing is that the left part of Kodi homepage works with the Android "Air sync remote Z" but no way to launch an addon.

    That's a pity cause the Netflix addon could propose HD content for the Formuler.

  • Tested myself.

    Z8 remote was not working in Kodi 18 official, or RC5
    Dreamlink t1+ and Z+ remote the same.

    I plugged in a minix remote to see and that works.

    Looks like a little fix will need be pushed.


  • I finally managed to get the Formuler remote usable.

    When first installing you get asked to configure the new controller.

    To enter that you have to use the Air sync remote Z app, and shake tour phone to get air mouse.

    Then you can sélect "yes".

    You're now into the xbox 360 controller config, just map the 4 directionnal keys , the A button with the OK key of the remote., the B button with the "Back" button of the remote.

    Then you can install keymap editor to map all the other keys.

    I try Netflix addon tomorrow. Sorry for my poor english.

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  • Hi !

    I tried to install Netflix add-on in vain...

    Tried with the Nightly 64 bits version (didn't install), then with 32 bits nightly, RC5, and even official beta from Playstore.

    Everytime I have access to Netflix account with all contents but when I tried to launch a video it tries to start then immediatly stops.

    I also tried changing the ESN with Ians325's help : NETFLIX KODI ADDON ESN

    But no way, I'm in deadend.

    If someone wants to try...

    This should help you : https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=329767


  • In Kodi.


    Perpheral Libaries

    Joystick support - Disable That.

    Close Kodi and Reopen and remote fine on z8

    Kodi 18.

    Just did this right now.

    Need a wireless remote/air sync/cursor mode on remote to change original settings.

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  • Nice Danny it's more easy that way.

    For the Netflix addon I finally get it to work... sometimes....

    I mean sometimes it works using the Kodi 32 bits RC version and the custom ESN.

    And after a reboot once again no video are playing.

  • If you look in the file section you will see I’ve sorted it out follow the instructions I’ve also remapped the remote I’ll up load that soon with my formuler build of Kodi with only Netflix’s and amazon app

  • Thanks Ian, I'm waiting for your release as what I tried is not very reliable. I noticed I had 540p max now....

    Please not I had absolutely no problem on my Windows 10 PC to install that add-on.

  • Can confirm disabling joystick support in KODI 18 as decribed by danny121pt works for z7+.

    Thanks danny121pt this was driving me crazy.

  • You will not get any better that sd as this device does not meet currentl security requirements by google to have hd running on Netflix at the moment

    But... I thought the main interest of the Netflix addon was to provide 1080p by using Kodi 18 (and its DRM support to cheat the Netflix drm check).

    If it's not the case there's absolutely no benefit to use this addon instead of official app.