Image distortion at top of the screen pixel rows

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  • I have problems with image distortion on maybe 1-2 rows of pixels at top and bottom of screens on occasion. (mostly top of screen) This is maybe something you can miss if you not look for it, as it does just happen now and then depending on colors shown maybe or something

    Part of the pixel rows at the top starts blinking, and some pixels at gets locked in one color at the left corner.

    Anyone else having these issues? Or that can watch some a show and look only at the top of screen for a few minutes and see if it happens?

    I have tried different hdmi cables, all different picture modes, 8bit, 10 bit etc, and everything that can affect the picture that is possible to configure in the box. I do not have this issue on my TVIP 410, or my ATV running GSE IP TV. It is very annoying when you have started to notice it.

    I have not tried any other app for iptv in the z7+ yet though, to know if it only happens when using mytvonline app. But that was the intention to use, otherwise I had bought something else.


  • Hi,

    does this happens on all channels or only on one channel?

    When you press V Format button and change to other format. still same?

  • No difference if changing through vformat. Have made alot of tests this day. So what I wrote in first post is not what I have seen today.

    its related to a nr of channels. Tried a tvip 410 box and same problem there also connected to a Philips tv. But moving the tvip 410 to a Samsung tv and no problem. But with Formuler on Samsung the same problem occurr. But on Philips tv problem occurrs from both boxes plus also an Atv.

    Tried every setting and stuff in different combos. So Im pretty sure it has to do with source of those channels.

    But cannot explain why the tvip and samsung seem to be a working combo. I used same input, cables when switching the boxes.

  • If anyone want to look for it. Look at your provicers Swedish channels, then channel TV 3 FHD and Kanal 5 FHD.

    Look at top left corner of Kanal 5 FHD for the stuck black boxed blocks + sometimes disturbances at top rows.

    At TV3 FHD not the stuck black boxes at top left corner. But the other issue with disturbances at top.
    Have tried different subscriptions of IP and it is the same on all. So I guess it is something with those channel streams / source.

  • Hi,

    tested on LG tv with Z7+ 5G, all clean woithout any image distortion, same like on picture.

  • Hi,

    Yes, but those are not full screen shows you are watching, forgot to mention that. You have black borders, then it does not happen.
    It must be something shown in full screen 16x9.

  • See attached pictures, and look at top left corner. One of the taken right now as a screenshot from my iPhone 7, also showing it also on Kanal 5. Second picture is a close up of the same problem on the TV.

    Images shows the black boxes in upper left corner only. They are there all the time. (But hard to see sometimes depending on background)
    Disturbances come and go a bit depending on what show that is shown. But they also appear in the same top lines, but across whole top screen.

    Not a big deal really, since It has not with the box to do or Mytvonline. My friend does also see this on his same channel.

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