Connecting to.."Portal" PROBLEM!!

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  • I really do not understand it. We all have problems with MOL and no one does anything. I always hope to fix this problem with the update but it's always the same.

    We have over 100 customers with Formuler and every one of them has this problem. And it's really frustrating. I've even recorded video and sent it to Formuler Support and still it happens again and again. This problem exists with all boxes (Z Nano, Z +, Z Prime Z7 ..). I tested them all.

    PROBLEM: When I try to switch channels, MOL crashes and goes to Home screen. I've already tried all possible settings. I've done factory reset with USB but it happens again.

  • Hi Mutombo,

    could you please upload this video on mega and give me the link trough pm? Also very important is the current fw and mol version of your customers and how they connect, trough portal, xc or m3u?

  • Hi SAM.

    I hope you can help us. As I said, we have over 100 clients with Formuler and they all have this problem. No exception.For Z Nano customers, it happens more often and then follows Z +,Z Prime, Z7 etc (less memory and power, more crashes?). We use XC Official (not Cracked). All our Formulers are like MAG added.

    What have I done so far:

    · I tried Factory Reset with USB

    · All possible setting tested in MOL

    · Connect to the Internet with Wi-Fi and LAN.

    · Streaming Output Format from MPEGTS to HLS in XC Panel to change

    · Buffering in XC Panel

    I bought my first Formuler Box 9.3.2018 and with this FW and MOL we did not notice any crashes. It started with the first update where problem with "Stuck in StandBy" and "EPG" solved.

    I send you PM with MEGA Link.

    Best Regards

  • Hi Mutombo,

    ok i saw your video and see the described problem. Give me some time to forward this to the devs. Your text will be also attached.

    I answered your PM.


  • SAM

    Closed the thread.