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  • This this was easy to set on the z7. When I try and set it up on the Z8, it asked me for networking information. Is the IP address my router IP address, or the IP address for the Box? Do I need to put this in? If somebody could tell me how to setup static IP on Z8 it would be very grateful

  • Thank you. Is the IP and gateway that appears in settings the obeyi should use? I downloaded ipconfig app from play store; normally it lists your various ip addresses but it said the SSID was unknown and only gave public IP? In z7 all you had to do was check a box marked static IP -job done

  • The gateway is your routers ip address which in most cases is The ip address for the box can be for example it can't be the same ip address as your gateway or any other devices that are connected to your router otherwise it won't work.

    As I remember the gateway ip is automatically shown so just skip it, then type in the ip address for the box example you can randomly choose the last two digits you want.

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