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  • this is my last hope before I send box back

    Buffering and freezing is present that was not there on z7

    It is happening on VPN and without VPN speeds are 10 MB or so lower on Z8 than z7 but still 25 on multiple servsrs.

    Wired connection.

    Seems to drop out at different times. Had to reboot constantly.

    Many people use this box that use my IPTV provider

    Getting 400 MB + without VPN

    On both I can see buffer going down in bars quickly; unstable basically

    The only difference is that I am not sure I set up static correctly on Z8 (on z7 checked one box and done)

    RE: trouble shoot ing

    Is there anything at router level to set?

    Re static address. Can someone give me detailed instructions on how to do this? So I know it is done right

    I guess I will go back to my z7 if I cannot figure it all out. I put in what I thought was an address and left "24" in place. Gateway was already there.