Z8 or Z7+ 5G

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  • Hello guys,

    I'm having a tough time deciding between Formuler Z8 and Z7+5G and I'm looking for some help.

    A bit of background - I've had a Mag322w1 so far and I was so sick of the problems with it that I had (firmware issues, audio issues on some firmware, really slow firmware updates when there are problems, box crashing, problems with fast-forwarding or going back etc.) that I decided to sell it. Now I'm looking at Formuler and I'm torn between the Z7+ and the Z8.

    I was rather excited to see that initially Z8 had Android 8.0 planned, but it seems that they went back to 7.0 - does it actually make any difference?

    I'll be using the box primarily with WiFi until I fix my network setup and go for a wired connection - what would be better in that case?

    Are there any "product just released" problems with the Z8? Is it stable enough and usable? I'll be using it for mostly IPTV (with portal) and rarely for playing movies either on network-shared drives or via USB.

    Thank you and really looking for recommendation in this case

  • As I understood they didn't see any major advantages going for 8.0 when it comes to iptv, which is the main purpose of the box.

    Z8 works very nice through WiFi. MOL2 is only exclusive on Z8 so it will not be available on Z7+

    All focus now is on the Z8. It's a new box so of course it needs a bit of fixing & updates until it comes to it's perfection.

    I'm crossing my fingers that the devs. will listen to our feedback and make Z8 the best IPTV box on the market !

    My recommendation is go for the Z8.

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  • and to add, the Z8 is totally useable out of the box. Watching IPTV works very well. Are there a few bugs and missing features? Yes, but nothing that subtracts from the core purpose which is to watch Live IPTV

  • Of course it is usable but it's still not at it's full potential. For example, I am having issues with it, which I don't have on the Z7+

    Without a doubt I prefer to use the Z8 but I am limited, so until those issues aren't fixed it is Z8 in the bedroom and Z7+ in the living room.

  • As I said - it'll be mostly IPTV - watching either live or timeshift videos, rarely movies from the library of the portal and that should be about it. I do have a "smart" enough TV with native Netflix app and the rest is taken care of by my IPTV box, and considering I've struggled with the 322w1 for months now I doubt Z8 will be more annoying than that :D

    Thank you very much - it seems I'll just go for it and get the Z8 next week after my travels.

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