Functionality fix please! Channel change / group

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  • Hi there, I have a feature request please. When I type in a channel number to go to a channel it works great, but only if that channel is in that group. Can this be amended to it changes to the channel no matter what group you are in?

    Hope that makes sense?

  • i think that if you are inside a group the channels have numbering starting from 1 and there are only those group channels, grouped as your list is.

    To have access to all channels by number I think you must use the Group - ALL, there you have all channels and so all with numbers assigned.

  • the lists i used are different (using portal connection), the channels really have a fixed position that changes inside the groups, maybe that´s why the functionality is not used like you wanted to, not every provider seems to have lists like yours. :)

    sorry for not being much of an help!

  • SAM

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