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  • Turning on the TV when the Z8 turns on won't be implemented because the Z8 needs to turn on when making a scheduled recording.

    Imagine if you schedule a recording late at night and your TV turns on while you are sleeping :huh: Will make you want to call the Ghostbusters :D

  • At the present time switching OFF the TV switches OFF the Z8 which is good (or not that bad…)

    My screen(s)/tv go into standby automatically (factory default setting, no special config was needed) when there is no hdmi signal for x seconds. And turn on automatically again when the signal comes back.

    Does that not work for you?

  • When I switch OFF the TV the Z8 switches OFF as well automatically (1-2 sec after the TV).

    = pressing 1 button switching OFF 2 devices

    For switching ON I must switch ON the TV first and then switch ON the Z8 pressing STB on the RC = 2 buttons.

    it’s obviously not a problem of pressing 1 or 2 buttons but this feature worked on my former box (m**) both ways.

  • Suggestions for improvement:

    1. A Player feature that allows you to select a subtitle language and the player automatically displays the selected subtitle language in VOD and Series.

    This feature is available with MX Player.

    2. Being able to edit your favorite list on LiveTv.

    3. Being able to create multiple favorite lists for LiveTv.

  • After the latest MOL2 update, a history feature was added.

    Good, but change so that it is possible to hide and clear the history.

    History clearing feature comes with next update.

  • I don't know if been brought up here but a record one channel while watching another would be great

    And the answer is, like the 1000 before: Is in development :)

  • Possible to record a catched up program
    Better netflix app like in smartv's
    Easier way to record all episodes from a serie trough epg or via a menu option that shows all series from the selected channel(suggested before with ticket


    Different icon for a serie record or a single record
    Pip support for Portal if possible

    Hope that someone organizes this thread with the features wanted because i also have suggested this before and its easier if put them on Frist Page

  • The Netflix wont happen, to much involved requiring widevine and certs and other stuff.

    Recording Catch UP would be like downloading from your Suppliers TV archive server, doubt that will happen.

    PIP - requires 2 connections, most mac portals are 1 connection.

    Thats just an educated guess though, Formuler Devs would know the limitations more.

  • When I am in the recordings section of my NAS, I would like to be able to navigate to subdirectories that are present on my NAS.

    2x Formuler Z8, Synology NAS, Gigabit fiber, VU+ Solo (Enigma) satellite

  • I support the idea to organize Favourites and be able to make several different favourite lists.

    To make that user friendly:

    I would like an app on my PC that is able to manage my Formuler 8 boxes. --> edit and organize favourites, change settings, customize the main screen, install and delete apps etc..

    2x Formuler Z8, Synology NAS, Gigabit fiber, VU+ Solo (Enigma) satellite