Alternative if provider don't support pictures for VOD

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  • Hi,

    Tnx to SAM I know that my provider don't support the VOD movie pictures and same for TV Series (empty content). Sam did some tests and that was the conclusion (not the formuler z8 box).

    Is there an alternative way to still make it show up????

    I have xtream-editor for moving channels, but don't think they also can do the pictures for VOD movies (or I do it wrong)

    Any tips are welcome, cause for me the pictures for both Movies and Series are almost a must have.

  • :) I know, but just have a bit to much credits on this one, to simply discard it and move to a new provider.

    So hope there is an alternative way....

    Just like it's not possible for my provider to change a channel list, but with a 3th party service like it's very simple edit the channels.

    Hoping that a 3th party service can include pictures and I can find a new provider when my credits are gone :)

  • SAM

    Closed the thread.