Z8 MYTVOnline 2 does not load channels but can access VOD section of Sub - All live channels shows Black screen only

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  • I have the same issue. Everything works ok but when I switch some channels it will go black and then I just get black for all other channels. Everything is ok on the Z7+ in the kitchen and on Smarters on my iPad so it is definitely a mol2 issue. I installed the beta now but still the same.

  • Not fixed in the update. I still get the black screen after viewing for a couple of hours. Have to leave it unplugged for a few minutes to get it working again. I was hoping that this would be fixed with the latest update. I don’t have this issue with MOL on my K7+.

  • Definitely not fixed. It's alternating for me between black screen after watching for a while or getting blacklisted for flooding the server.

    It's really annoying and there are at least 5 open threads reporting on both of these problems on the forum - can we please get some kind of update whether this is being looked into or fixed soon? It's really annoying that we have to use other (inferior) apps to watch live channels just because of a bug with MOL2. These bugs have been there since the release and has been reported even before the betas started rolling out.

  • Exactly the same problem.I also keep getting the same message on my tv screen saying 'Mytvonline has stopped' or 'Mytvonlinekeepsstopping'

    VOD seems to be working alright though.

    I also sometimes get a blank screen and when I hit the EPG bitton on my Formuler Remote,I just see a small black screen window in the top left corner and everythong else is purple and blank.

    Is this a Portal issue?

  • Hundreds different providers out in the world with different content, settings, resources and the box must work with all of them, not easy to cover all. Only the bigger one, let me say: use same standard and with this works the box fine.

    How ever, the problem is always same. If user have issues like in this thread, the devs. need same line for test, to find and reproduce the issue under same condition, otherwise it is impossible to find solution. Devs. need same line as trial for test, so the reporters should contact me or 175n trough pm and proceed detailed information. Thx.


    Could you help out with trial from same provider?


    Factory reset your second box and install all new. False formatted USB Sticks or installed Apps with strange behaviour can also produce such problems.

    But this should be discuss in one thread and not shared over few threads. See other thread with my answer.

  • The problem is that this issue is not apparent in MOL1. My K7+ works perfectly with the same provider so it is clearly and issue with MOL2 app. To blame provider settings is clearly a cheap way out when the original app does not have the same issue. This needs to be fixed quickly. I bought this box for MOL2 and it’s next to useless.

  • Any update on the black channel problem? Still facing this several times a day, I keep paying for two providers so I can switch between when one 'breaks'. It's very annoying and is the only problem I have with the box, everything else is great.

  • I am also having this issue. I cannot connect to my suppliers portal. Sometimes i can connect but i can only see EPG data, no image. Same with VOD, i can see it, but it will not load.

    I have confirmed the issue is not with my supplier, but definitely MyTVOL2

  • I’d like an update on this please. It’s been a problem since the box was launched and nothing has been done to remedy this. There are numerous people with the same problem but no feedback from formuler on a fix. Got rid of a perfectly good *** box for this and I keep having to reboot router and box several times a day.