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  • hi guys i bought the zx 5g and me too have buffering in mytvonline. over wifi and lan. both i get my full internet speed 100mbit.
    it is definitely a mol problem because withe perfekt player or other app i have no buffering on the device. i cant understand it..
    and i am a seller so i see the connection speed of a client. in the panel it shows the connection green so it should be fine, but mol does buffering..

    an admin can contact me for testing it...

    i want to sell the devices from formuler to my customers because they are the best but this problem let me stop.. -.-

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  • hi, i tried something. i opend a sub with mac adress and than some channels opend faster and the connection bar the 3 blue boxes were always there... but how i said only by some channels..
    i dont get it why it is so..

    but now i send the box back to the seller and than i will buy the z8... and test it how it will work..

  • my tv online latest version gives buffering issue on regular basis even when net speed is not an issue. I don't know why I think there is some issue in latest version while in old version it's working properly.

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