Usb recording

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  • Hi guys,

    Totally brand new with this z8 box so please bear with me ,

    I’ve owned it for approx 2 hours, it’s set up, suppliers url is running and all’s fine .

    The issue I’ve got is regarding usb recording , I’ve connected a 1Tb hard drive through the usb 3.0 port, went into settings and formatted it for storage .

    But when I test recorded it on a random channel, nothing popped up on screen saying it’s recording or anything, and when I went on the list of recorded things through the remote it’s saying nothing is there ?

    I’m wondering if the 1Tb is too large ?

    The annoying thing for me is, I set off for the airport in 3 hours so havnt much time to mess about it until I return in a week .

    But if it’s a simple option I haven ticked in settings or something I could try before I go.

    Also, is recording of Iptv channels supplier dependent, if they don’t have that function then I can’t record regardless ?

    Sorry for sounding like an idiot, but to be honest I am 8o

    Cheers guys :thumbup:

  • Thanks Sam , I’ll install that app when I return.

    I’ve tried again, I pressed record and the recording counter came up top right of screen.... fantastic I thought .

    I stopped the recording after 20 seconds .

    I then went to view what I’d recorded, but again...nothing is there ?

    Anyway, thanks again, I’ll reformat the drive the way you described and try again .


  • How many logical partitions exist on the HDD?

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  • I wouldn’t know 175n sorry, all I done was ...

    I had an external 1TB drive, I connected it to a laptop and used the windows 10 to format it, it said something like full format or quick format,

    I went full format.... which took forever !

    I just then connected the drive via usb 3.0 cable and port to the z8.

    I’m in Benidorm at the moment and not back until this coming Sunday , so can’t mess on with it until then .

    Thanks for asking the question though :thumbup:

  • Hi guys, back from Benidorm,

    I’ve dowloaded rufus, version 3.5.1471

    Connected my hard drive , ran rufus...

    But on the device option, nothing appears when I click on the down arrow bit and at the very bottom of the rufus window is says 0 devices found .

  • I guess you have new hdd and need first to create new partition with windows, after that should the hdd be recognised from rufus tool.

  • I’ve had a go of that Sam, after 20 mins I’m ready to fling the lot ...

    I’d better leave it tonight and have another attempt tomorrow


  • Sam, can I ask if this is correct way to do it ... it’s just something I’ve copied from a win7 hard drive partition help google search .

    Thanks matey,

    I’m not computer savvy as you’ve probably guessed ! Ha


    Attach your external hard drive to your computer via the USB cable and turn on the device.


    Press the "Start" button, type "diskmgmt.msc" and press "Enter."


    Right-click the existing partition on the external hard drive, select "Delete Volume" and choose to remove the partition. If you already have important data on the drive, select "Shrink Volume" instead, let Windows choose the maximum amount of shrinkage and click "Shrink."


    Right-click the "Unallocated" or "Free Space" on the external drive and select "New Simple Volume."


    Enter the required volume size in megabytes in the "Simple Volume Size in MB" field. Make sure you select a smaller number to leave room for additional partitions, if applicable. To convert gigabytes into megabytes, multiply by 1,024. As an example, 10GB times 1,024 results in 10,240MB. If you only want to create a single additional partition, click "Next" to use the default, maximum size.


    Click "Next" to let Windows assign an available drive letter.


    Click the "File System" drop-down list and select "FAT32" or "NTFS." Click "Next."


    Click "Finish" to partition the drive.


    Repeat the partitioning procedure to create additional partitions, if required.

  • Made a blob of that reply, sorry ...

    That was it matey, thankyou .

    I’ve connected it back onto the z8, test recorded for 30 seconds and it was saved in the recordings section .

    So alls fine I think .

    One thing I did notice when I pressed record , the counter was moving by the seconds but next to it was another counter on seemed like 54 mins

  • Hi, new z8 owner and love the machine! Just trialling/error with recording variables right now just so I know what’s what. I did notice one thing, that when during a scheduled recording I deliberately put machine into standby, then turned back on again. Recording had stopped and not even a portion showed up as recorded. So I take it you must have to leave powered up and leave for duration of recording. Any experiences with this? Cheers in advance.

  • The second counter was counting backwards, as though it’s saying I can only record for 54 mins ?

    If you press record button again, then you can change recording time.

    Recording had stopped and not even a portion showed up as recorded. So I take it you must have to leave powered up and leave for duration of recording.

    The box power on from standby and record if you programmed scheduled recording, records should be saved on USB device. Does manual recording works and are those files saved? USB stick formatted with NTFS?

  • Sorry for delay in answering Sam. Had hdd set in a different format but now it’s Tuxera NTFS and working my like a charm. Thanks again Sam.