Usb recording

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  • Hi guys,

    Totally brand new with this z8 box so please bear with me ,

    I’ve owned it for approx 2 hours, it’s set up, suppliers url is running and all’s fine .

    The issue I’ve got is regarding usb recording , I’ve connected a 1Tb hard drive through the usb 3.0 port, went into settings and formatted it for storage .

    But when I test recorded it on a random channel, nothing popped up on screen saying it’s recording or anything, and when I went on the list of recorded things through the remote it’s saying nothing is there ?

    I’m wondering if the 1Tb is too large ?

    The annoying thing for me is, I set off for the airport in 3 hours so havnt much time to mess about it until I return in a week .

    But if it’s a simple option I haven ticked in settings or something I could try before I go.

    Also, is recording of Iptv channels supplier dependent, if they don’t have that function then I can’t record regardless ?

    Sorry for sounding like an idiot, but to be honest I am 8o

    Cheers guys :thumbup:

  • Hi,

    check this post and follow the text and picture -> which USB key is recommended for recording ?

  • Thanks Sam , I’ll install that app when I return.

    I’ve tried again, I pressed record and the recording counter came up top right of screen.... fantastic I thought .

    I stopped the recording after 20 seconds .

    I then went to view what I’d recorded, but again...nothing is there ?

    Anyway, thanks again, I’ll reformat the drive the way you described and try again .


  • How many logical partitions exist on the HDD?

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  • I wouldn’t know 175n sorry, all I done was ...

    I had an external 1TB drive, I connected it to a laptop and used the windows 10 to format it, it said something like full format or quick format,

    I went full format.... which took forever !

    I just then connected the drive via usb 3.0 cable and port to the z8.

    I’m in Benidorm at the moment and not back until this coming Sunday , so can’t mess on with it until then .

    Thanks for asking the question though :thumbup: