Wifi problem

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  • Hi everyone.

    Me and my friend having same problem.

    Image freezes time to time.

    Z8 looses wifi connection.

    Need to change channel to restart WiFi. And sometimes I have to turn WIF off and on again to restart network.

    Even if was a wifi drop it should connect back straight away?

    Works good wired.

    I think it should be a easy fix around.

    Not everyone wants to mess around with router setting etc.

    I might doing something wrong

    Maybe need to set buffering?

    Any advice will be fantastic. Thanks again

  • Z8 ethernet connection issue

    Same principle with wifi. Any questions, feel free 👍

  • Z8 ethernet connection issue

    Same principle with wifi. Any questions, feel free 👍

    Hi codeit.

    I have a firestik and works fine on my WiFi connection.

    Also my pc is connected on same WiFi when Image freezing on z8 and in pc is still working fine.

    Z8 image freezing and WiFi icon on my online tv is blank like it lost connection and couldn't reconect.

    I have a friend with same problem.

    I'm using it wired and works great but my friend don't want to spend more money on powerline after spending 130£ in a box 🤔

    I tryed to increase buffering to 10 but it not help.

    We need something easy to fix instead messing with routers.

    I had other android boxes with no WiFi connection troubles at all.

    I'm advicing this box to all family and friends and they don't want to mess with router settings too.

    Any advice will be much appreciated thank for your help

  • SAM

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