Is it possible to refresh the channel list WITHOUT powering off the Z8?

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  • Hi,

    When I watch IPTV via my Android App (on my tablet) then I can refresh the list of channels (by selecting a menu option).

    However - I can't seem to find this feature on the Z8. I have found how to clear the EPG data .... but not a way to refresh the channel list.

    The only way I've so far found to fix this is to restart the Z8 or set the Power Option to OFF so that the Z8 restarts everytime I switch it off.

    Anyone got any ideas how I can reload the channel list without restarting the Z8?



  • No my friend,

    Only what i know is to Close mol and start mol again.

    Or Change between providers if you have.

    Or restart your box.

    But nomay if you close your mytvonline and start it again it connecs again to your provider and load channels

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