HELP formuler not working

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  • Hi, was watching tv with myonline tv and went to switch to another and now none of them wants to work, my online tv started connecting to my sub but never did now screen is stuck to cancelling connection and other program loads it but wont connect to any channel. my wifi connection is good went on google from formuler and did a speed test its at 26 every other app works but none for tv, and its not my provider cause my son as the same as mine its a 3 sub so same id and its working good. tried to reboot formuler a few times, nothing works. I'm really desperate. Please someone HELP. Thanks

  • Hi, my tv provider fixed the problem after 4 hours last night on the other 3 program that I have in to watch tv. I had deinstalled progtv cause I had problems with the guide in it and it was when I tried to reinstall Progtv that the problem started. After they fixed the problem and it was steady I redownloaded and reinstalled PROGTV and the problem came back. Now I'm stuck again with no tv until they fix it again. Really love Progtv the way its made, is there some reset I can do without loosing everything?? so I can re install Progtv without breaking everything else, or will I have to do without Progtv?? Thanks for the help

  • Hi, i have the same problem as fireneg.

    With my Z7 + there is canceling connection, I use the Mytv online. What can I do about it? thx
  • Did you upgrade recently?

    If yes, what?

    If no, perhaps contact the provider first? Try use VPN? Change VPN server country?

    Sometimes a router/"internet modem" reset helps.

  • And I can say that with my provider some (random) channel(s) stop working for a day (at least during the hours I try to watch it), and the next day all is fine again. Without me doing any changes. Maybe such scenario applies to you also.