ISP Blocked my line

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  • Hey guys just one quick note too my fellow Germans and other who have the same issue is I did;

    I’ve used one known reciver, suddenly got a message”STB blocked”! My iptv provider said that the Box is broken I didn’t believe him!

    Gave the same box too my friend, he connected it with the very same IPTV Provider and it worked like a charm.

    Called Vodafone, played “dumb” said that my Box is not working but by my fiends all good, on the same provider! She responded that my “LAND 3 Line (or something like that) which is IPTV Line is blocked by Deutsche Telekom (Vodafone uses DT Line!).

    I was pissed I immediately send a letter too then so they can quit my subscription immediately! (Still no reply though!)

    Today came my Z8, and tried

    Mag portal-> Blocked

    Tried the m3u link-> blocked

    Installed ExpressVPN (they give 7 days trail), and suddenly the m3u link work perfectly!!

    Therefore if y’all have the same problem either you quit your provider (Vodafone/Deutsche Telekom) or you just install VPN Provider and you’re ready too go!

    Overall the blocking stuff is really messy and violates our right too youse the internet freely!! You pay fees too the ISP and they blocked your personal internet line! Still deciding if I’ll dump them or not but so far the VPN is the answer too their monopolistic behavior!!