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  • First of all let Me say that the Z8 is unbelievable good streaming box, I’m deeply impressed but only one thing is”bugging”me, the MyTvApp (or so).

    The whole UI is cluttered, even tho I like the how

    The channel list appear but can you make them more too navigate thought the

    Channels like not like now—>list view, id like too see like channels in one or two rows for easy navigating , but smaller fonts which would fit too the current UI perfectly!

    Too sum it up;

    Make The channel navigation through the channels easier, not just scrolling down! Add if necessary another row of channels and if possible when selecting a favorite channel from Germany (for example( why that favorite channel can’t be in a favorite Germany folder instead one folder all favorites at once:rolleyes: it’s messy.

    I hope you can implement something like that in the feature updates.

    Thnx for the amazing product!

  • Change to Classic list (by viewing channel and pressing OK button), shows you more channels and rows at once.