Box rebooting and freezing when working on Wireless

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  • Good Morning,

    I have been having some issues with my Formuler Z8 since last week.

    It just reboots when I am viewing content or navigate the menus. This only happens when I am connected via Wireless, and the box often does buffering.

    The signal quality level is - 63.

    I have tested other equipment by Wireless, and use the same provider, and it works normally.

    I have already reset the factory, but the situation remains.

    When I tested by cable, the problem nearly disappeared, having only the same bounced after a few hours of use.

    sometimes after the reboot the imagem stay "funny" see the .pdf to see what happen.

  • Please test following:

    1. Unplug all connected devices from Box (USB, keyboard, hdd, etc)

    2. Change HDMI Cable and HDMI port on tv.

    3. Change resolution to 1080 and reboot the box. (Of course tv must work with all set resolutions)

    If issue still exist.

    1. Try to connect the box to other tv and test again.

    Still exist.

    Do factory reset as last option.