Is MyTvOnline 2 better than MyTvOnline or pretty much the same? PVR-Forward-Rewind etc ..

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  • Hi, guys so I have a Z7+ and noticed Z8 is out. I want to ask is their a big jump in the performance from the Z7+ to the Z8?

    Is MyTvOnline 2 better than MyTvOnline (Thinking about getting more Z7+ boxes) the hardware changes don't have much for me so seeing if the software is much better? Or similar?

    Also is the PVR mode (using forward, rewind and pause) much better in the Z8 than the Z7+ or pretty much similar?

    Also if you can highlight any differences I may notice between the Z7+ vs the Z8 at a consumer level? Will be great!


  • Hi,

    Here are some differences in picture -> First Z8 Pictures

    You have now 1GB Lan and 5G, MOL2 with newer layout, newer player and many changes in player and overall. MOL 2 is much powerful and will get more and more new features in next time. So, yes, for new Users the best choice to go with this box.

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