Output via HDMI into Oppo BDP-105EU - or better to go direct to TV/Projector?

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  • Currently I access my NAS Via an Oppo Blu-ray Player (https://www.avforums.com/revie…blu-ray-player-review.444). The SMB interface is rubbish. I think the Z8 might be an alternative way of navigating to the NAS (Synology) but it raises a few questions...

    At present If I want to (say) access SKY GO (Browser App for Sky) I have to do this via a PC using Chrome or I can use the multi platform App (Android or PC or Apple) to watch Sky..on the Go..

    I would prefer to do this via a Z8 but before buying one I need to know whether it will work with the Oppo. At present the Oppo accepts HDMI input from my PC and strips out the Audio and passes this onto my powered speakers via analog output and sends the HDMI signal to my Projector. The Oppo has all sorts of video hardware to improve images like Darbee processing which I would like to use. So the question is... will the output from the Z8 be the same as my PC or will I have to use the Optical Toslink cable to the Oppo and the HDMI connected directly to the Projector?