VOD - MOL2 doesn't remember position if movie stopped before end

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  • Hello,

    It is my first post here, I've done some search in the forum but didn't find any related topic, so I decided to open a new one.

    Here is what I have identified.

    When watching to a VOD (either a movie or a TV serie), if you decide to exit the playback before the end of the movie, MOL2 doesn't keep in memory the "position".

    So when restarting to watch it, you need to search this position which is quite boring.

    Is there any way to improve MOL2 to offer such kind of feature (or perhaps is there an option I didn't find yet).

    Thank you for this good product.


  • nils34

    Changed the title of the thread from “VOD - MTO2 doesn't remember position if movie stopped before end” to “VOD - MOL2 doesn't remember position if movie stopped before end”.
  • I have the same problem on my Z8 .I have a Buzz 3000 and it asks to resume or start from the beginning . Can this be done on my Z8 ?.

    Use an external video player to use the resume function.

    1. Install MX Player on your Z8
    2. Open MX Player and press MENU
    3. Open Settings > Player Settings
    4. In the Playback options, Select Resume
    5. Select 'Yes' or 'Ask at Startup'
    6. Exit from MX Player
    7. Open MYTVOnline2
    8. Open Main Menu > Settings
    9. 'External Video on demand (VOD)' : ON
    10. Open any VOD and select MX Player as the player
    11. Now you can resume where you left off

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